1008.1586 -- Diversifying Your Academic Portfolio

1008.1586 -- Diversifying Your Academic Portfolio

Postby dima806 on Thu Jul 26, 2012 4:05 pm

Actually, http://arxiv.org/abs/1008.1586 is a recording of the banquet lecture of renowned US astrophysicist Abraham Loeb. Nevertheless, I feel important to discuss it here. After creation of Standard Cosmological model (LCDM), cosmology starts looking "almost complete", so the majority of young astronomers now start assuming this model (though extremely successful) as very well-established. This is not the case, he said, since we have not completed cosmological surveys for z>0.3. In terms of comoving volume after the recombination epoch, these Dark Ages fill about 99.9%, so we may certainly expect some "surprises" for LCDM after exploring 100% of comoving volume. By dividing astronomical research in a way similar to commertial investments -- "bonds" for something "certain" such as precision cosmology, "stocks" for "more risky" time investments such as say DM particle search and "venture capital" for something "very risky" such as say alternatives to inflation, he argues to increase the shares of "stocks" and "venture capital" to 30% and 20%, respectively. In my case, during the last few years the "stocks" are about 75%, "bonds" about 25% and venture capital 0%, and indeed I feel to reduce the "stocks" share looking more for something less and more risky thereby diversifying my academic portfolio :-)
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