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Before you start read this please:

PostPosted: Fri Jan 08, 2010 3:47 am
by dima806
We invite you to participate in the new VIRGO project "Discussion of new arXiv papers" located at the VIRGO forum,

It is the well-established fact that ALMOST ALL NEW SCIENTIFIC RESULTS are available at For example, more than 600 new scientific papers on astrophysics and cosmology become available there during each month. In the scientific community, the rank of the scientist strongly depends on his/her possibility to explain the results produced by other scientists, to understand whether their are important to his/her own research and to convince other scientists on validity and importance of his/her own results. In my opinion, all of this is not possible without studying of arXiv papers. To do that properly, we decide to create the special topic in VIRGO forum "Discussion of new arXiv papers". To make this forum more convenient for scientists, we incorporated TeX symbols into the posts, and created a brief howto ( Using_LaTeX_syntax_on_VIRGO.UA_forum) about using them. Note that the content of this topic is NOT AVAILABLE to bots or unregistered users. Therefore, to post, comment or read something you need to be a registered user.

After the successful registration, you can READ, POST and REPLY any topic in this forum. The ONLY rule of posting and replying at arXiv papers is to use ENGLISH! Our final goal is to invite here the high-ranked international scientists, most of them are not familiar with Russian/Ukrainian/Polish. Anyway, to produce non-negligible scientific impact one needs to practice English, and using the VIRGO forum will provide such practice.

If a paper is found to be interesting by VIRGO community, we will discuss it using the on-line "arXiv journal club". The format of this event is similar to usual on-line seminars.

The successful participants of "Discussion of new arXiv papers" projects will be invited to create the new arXiv-based on-line knowledge base,, driven by a group of VIRGO participants, together with EPFL and OKKAM consortium.

Re: Before you start read this please:

PostPosted: Fri Jan 29, 2010 3:55 pm
by dima806
The useful thing to promote VIRGO forum is