Denys Malyshev

PhD, Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies, 2011

Scientific interests: Astroparticle physics, Dark matter, particle acceleration, gamma-ray astronomy
Data analysis: FERMI, XMM, CHANDRA
Current location: BITP, Kyiv

skype: icq:

Curriculum vitae

VIRGO related publications

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  3. Chernyakova, M.; Neronov, A.; Molkov, S.; Malyshev, D.; Lutovinov, A.; Pooley, G.
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    published in 2012ApJ...747L..29C 1203.1944
  4. Boyarsky, Alexey; Malyshev, Denys; Ruchayskiy, Oleg
    Spectral and spatial variations of the diffuse gamma-ray background in the vicinity of the Galactic plane and possible nature of the feature at 130 GeV
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