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VIRGO related publications

  1. Boyarsky, A., Iakubovskyi, D., Ruchayskiy, O., and Savchenko, V.
    Constraints on decaying dark matter from XMM-Newton observations of M31
    published in MNRAS 387 (2008), 1361 arXiv:0709.2301 Download
  2. Eckert D., Savchenko V., Produit N., Ferrigno C.
    INTEGRAL probes the morphology of the Crab nebula in hard X-rays/soft gamma-rays
    accepted to Astron. & Astrophysics arXiv:0910.1698 Download
  3. V.Savchenko, A.Neronov, V.Beckmann, N.Produit, R.Walter
    Exceptional flaring activity of the anomalous X-ray pulsar 1E 1547.0-5408
    accepted to Astronomy and Astrophysics arXiv:0912.0290 Download
  4. Savchenko V., Neronov A.
    Where are Swift gamma-ray bursts beyond the "synchrotron deathline"?
    published in MNRAS 396 (2009) 935 arXiv:0903.3556 Download
  5. I. Telezhinsky, D. Eckert, V. Savchenko, A. Neronov, N. Produit, T.J.-L. Courvoisier
    The catalog of variable sources detected by INTEGRAL I: Catalog and Techniques
    accepted to A&A arXiv:1005.0249 Download
  6. A. Neronov, V. Savchenko
    Gamma ray emission from magnetized relativistic GRB outflows
    accepted to A&A arXiv:1007.3288 Download